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Telephone Scam


There has been a rise in fraudulent robocalls targeting patients on a local, regional and national scale.  Perpetrators are calling from what look like local phone numbers, claiming to be from a patient’s healthcare provider.  The scam callers use stolen and readily available information from the internet and social media to convince victims of their legitimacy. These scam calls usually ask for credit card numbers, social security numbers and other personal information from patients and their family members.  Unsolicited robocalls are illegal in West Virginia, and Monroe Health Center is providing this information to help its patients and community defend against fraudulent scam calls.

Monroe Health Center will generally only ask for personal information, such as a patient’s name, date of birth, address and credit card numbers, in the following situations:

(1) For pre-registration of a patient for an appointment or procedure at Monroe Health Center; or

(2) As part of a collection call regarding a bill for services received at Monroe Health Center.

  1. Pre-registration or appointment callsfrom Monroe Health Center will include specific knowledge (date, time, type of procedure and location) of a service.  Monroe Health Center may ask screening security questions about a patient’s name, date of birth and address, to confirm the patient’s identity. Pre-registration calls may include a request for payment of a deductible or service charge ahead of a procedure. Patients will have the option to securely pay over the phone with a credit card or make other arrangements for secure payment, but if you are uncertain about whether a call is legitimate please do not share your credit card information with the caller. Patients should keep in mind that one difference between a Monroe Health Center pre-registration call and a fraudulent scam call is scammers should not be able to articulate details regarding a procedure or appointment, whereas a representative of Monroe Health Center will have specific information about the patient’s scheduled procedure or appointment, and history of services.
  2. Monroe Health Center’s billing department will always be able to confirm the location and date(s) of service(s) a patient received for the bill in question. Monroe Health Center’s billing department, may also ask for name, date of birth, address and last four of social security to confirm a patient’s identity. Patients will have the option to securely pay over the phone with a credit card or make other arrangements for secure payment. A scam caller will not likely be able to supply details on their false claim, so you are encouraged to ask questions of callers who claim to be from Monroe Health Center.  If you are uncertain about whether a call is legitimate please do not share your credit card information with the caller.

If you receive a call claiming to be from your healthcare provider and the caller cannot confirm accurately the service you are being charged for, or provide details on the services you’ve received, the call is likely a scam and you should hang up immediately.

Here are some tips to reduce your risk of getting scammed:

  1. Ask for details about the bill or service without supplying specific information that scammers can use. When was the appointment? With who?
  2. Ask for a phone number you can call back to confirm the request is legitimate and from Monroe Health Center. Hang up, and call back.
  3. If you owe a balance on a bill from Monroe Health Center, you can confirm the amount owed and pay the bill by going to and clicking on make a payment or call 304-772-3064.
  1. Pay your bill using to avoid paying over the phone altogether. If you are called regarding a bill but are uncertain about sharing your credit card information over the phone, you can pay through instead.  Representatives of Monroe Health Center are available to help you use
  1. Add your phone number to the National Do Not Call List here
  2. Monroe Health Center will never ask for your full social security number over the phone – at most we may request confirmation of the last four digits.  If a caller requests your full social security number over the phone, it may be a scam call.

Certain populations may be more susceptible to these scams or more likely to be targeted by them, including senior citizens, immigrants and non-native English speakers.  Monroe Health Center will never threaten deportation or jail time for having an outstanding bill.  If you or a loved one receives a call making such threats, it is likely a spam call.

Monroe Health Center takes patient privacy and cyber security very seriously and works constantly to ensure your medical information is safe and secure.

If you suspect you have been called by a spammer you can call Monroe Health Center’s Main Line at 304-772-3064, and you can report the call to the following agencies:

  • The Federal Trade Commission’s Complaint Assistant online or at 1-888-382-1222.
  • West Virginia Attorney General's Consumer Protection Office at 800-368-8808


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02.28.2022 – UPDATE:  Abbott is voluntarily recalling one lot of Similac PM 60/40 (Lot # 27032K80 (can) / Lot # 27032K800 (case)) manufactured in Sturgis, Michigan. This is in addition to lots of Similac®, Alimentum® and EleCare® powder formula that were voluntarily recalled on Feb. 17. The action comes after learning of the death of an infant who tested positive for Cronobacter sakazakii and who we were informed had consumed Similac PM 60/40 from this lot. This case is under investigation, and at this time the cause of the infant’s Cronobacter sakazakii infection has not been determined. We want to extend our heartfelt sympathies to the family.

Importantly, no distributed product has tested positive for the presence of Cronobacter sakazakii. Additionally, recently tested retained product samples of Similac PM 60/40 Lot # 27032K80 (can) / Lot #27032K800 (case) were negative for Cronobacter.

02.17.2022 -  Abbott initiated a proactive, voluntary recall of powder formulas, including Similac, Alimentum and EleCare, manufactured in Sturgis, Michigan, one of the company’s manufacturing facilities. The recall does not include any metabolic deficiency nutrition formulas.

Abbott is voluntarily recalling these products after four consumer complaints related to Cronobacter sakazakii or Salmonella Newport in infants who had consumed powder infant formula manufactured in this facility.

Additionally, as part of Abbott's quality processes, we conduct routine testing for Cronobacter sakazakii and other pathogens in our manufacturing facilities. During testing in our Sturgis, Michigan, facility, we found evidence of Cronobacter sakazakii in the plant in non-product contact areas. We found no evidence of  Salmonella Newport. This investigation is ongoing.

Importantly, no distributed product has tested positive for the presence of either of these bacteria, and we continue to test. Abbott conducts extensive quality checks on each completed batch of infant formula, including microbiological analysis prior to release. All finished  infant formula powder products are tested for Cronobacter, Salmonella, and other pathogens, and they must test negative before the product is released. Additionally, retained samples related to the three complaints for Cronobacter sakazakii tested negative for Cronobacter. And the retained sample related to the complaint for Salmonella Newport tested negative for Salmonella.

While Abbott's testing of distributed product detected no pathogens, we are taking action by recalling the powder formula manufactured in this facility with an expiration of April 1, 2022, or later. No Abbott liquid formulas are included in the recall, nor are powder formulas or nutrition products from other facilities.

If your infant is experiencing symptoms related to Cronobacter or Salmonella infection, such as poor feeding, irritability, temperature changes, jaundice, grunting breaths, abnormal movements, lethargy, rash, or blood in the urine or stool; contact your health care provider to report their symptoms and receive immediate care.

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